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Opening Pandora x500 - 06 February!

New quests, Gens system, Crafting system, New Master Leveling and much more!


» [Бонус] - Дорогу новичкам! 2.0

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» [EVENT] - Стулья

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» New server – Inferno x1000

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[Бонус] - Дорогу новичкам! 2.0

Пропустил открытие? Ничего страшного, именно для тебя мы даем бонус при старте игры! Тебе остается только зайти и забрать его в игре!


У новичков включается по этапно бонусная система Опыта. Вы легко можете ворватся в ТОП!
Стартавый набор скилов для комфортного старта.
Герой имеет 50 резетов.
PREMIUM account на 7 дней.

Более подробно информацию можно прочитать тут



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[EVENT] - Стулья

Уважаемые игроки и гости нашего сервера. Сегодня 11.04.2021 в 18:00 по МСК на сервере Inferno x1000 будет проведен небольшой Event Стулья.

Информация в нашем Discrod канале.


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New server – Inferno x1000

We are expanding the range of our servers, welcome: the new Inferno x1000! Fresh medium rate, which has absorbed all our best practices for the entire existence of the project.


By the time the server opens, we should expect the emergence of new weapons, new interesting recipes for crafting, new unique pets, an improvement in the quest system, improved trading mechanisms in the game, and a couple of interesting surprises that you will learn about a little later.


Based on the collected statistics of the Pandora server, the achievement system will be updated on the new server, the most difficult achievements will be facilitated, and the ones that the players coped with the fastest will be slightly more difficult.



Participate in contests and get the opportunity to win 10 credits! 3 winners will be chosen at random on April 11th! Bonuses will be credited to the project website and you can bring them to any server of your choice! (information HERE)


Basic facts about our project here.
A complete list of the features of our game worlds is here.
A detailed guide to playing on our servers is here.


Inferno x1000 server will launch on 9 April at 20:00!

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